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Cat Cafe Rules
Toe Beans Cat Cafe has very specific rules in place for the comfort and safety of our customers and cats. Please remember when you enter the cat room you are entering their home, being respectful of this is our top priority.
1. Remove your shoes and use the provided hand sanitizer before entering the cat room.
2. Do not pick up the cats; many cats do not like to be picked up and may bite or scratch if they are picked up.
3. If you see a sleeping cat, a cat hiding or a cat in a location high up, please leave them alone. It's a lot of work for cats being around people all day and it's important to let the cats come to you and initiate contact.
4. Do not give cats any food besides the cat treats we sell at the cafe. Human food is often toxic to cats!
5. Keep lids on all beverages and never leave your food or beverages unattended in the cat room.
6. Please don't play rough with the cats. We try to discourage the biting/bunny-kicking behaviour as it establishes bad habits. Hands are not toys! Please use the toys provided.
7. Use caution and slow motions when petting the cats.
8. If you are bitten or scratched, please let us know right away! All of our cats are friendly and social, but accidents do happen.
9. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult; children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:1 ratio of adult to child.
10. We have a zero tolerance policy on running, shouting, violent or destructive behaviour in the cat room. Guests engaging in any such behaviour will be asked to leave.
Toe Beans is meant to be a relaxing space for cats and people alike.
Child Policy